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We are  Jugge Solar & Auto Work

We are vertically integrated, end to end alternate energy services providers. Our Goal is to provide clean, renewable solar energy at an affordable pricing. AS a solar energy services company in Punjab.

We believe in delivering top quality products to our customers. Our customer consist of top quality raw materials and are crafted with excellent workmanship to deliver top notch performance in extreme conditions.

Our we are into following.

  • Integrate high quality solar modules
  • Distribute and install these modules
  • Design / Engineer and deliver turn key solutions (EPC)
  • .Provide Comprehensive customer service
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Brands We Offer

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The solar energy is below

Solar cells can be used to generate electricity from sunlight. It is a device that converts light energy into electrical energy. Sometimes the term solar cell is reserved for devices intended specifically to capture energy from sunlight, while the term photovoltaic cell is used when the light source is unspecified.

Have some questions?

How does Off Grid System Works?

In an off–grid system there is no public electricitygrid. … Once the battery bank is full it will stop receiving power from the solar system. When yoursolar system is not working (night time or cloudy days), your appliances will draw power from thebatteries.

How I can generate my own electricity?

ive steps in the process of solar energy production, beginning when sunlight hits your panels and culminating with feeding excessenergy back to the grid. First, your solar panels collect particles of light, called photons, which knock electrons free from their atom hosts Contact Us now

Can we get and loan / subsidy on these products?

Punjab Energy Development Agency was formed in Sept. 1991 as a state nodal agency for promotion and development of renewable energy programmes/projects and energy conservation programme in the state of Punjab. PEDA is registered as a Society under the Societies Act of 1860 provides subsidy for solar installation

What about installation process?

Contact Judge Solar installation team for installing solar system at your place and start crating your own energy

Few of our installed projects

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